Parish Health

Deacon Nurse Brenda Bauer serves as Olivet's Parish Nurse and coordinator of Olivet's ministry of healing and care in addition to volunteer parish nurses who serve on a short term basis. This ministry involves the integration of faith and health in meeting the needs of those who face health concerns, aging, illness, or, dying. We bring a holistic sense of healing and health to those we serve. For more information on any of these program, please contact Brenda Bauer at or (701) 235-6603.

Advance Directive Facilitator

End of Life Program

As a certified facilitator, we provide assistance in completing your Advance Directive or in reviewing documents. The Advance Directive serves to help loved ones and medical providers in knowing your wishes regarding life sustaining or life prolonging measures. The parish nurse also has information on preplanning for funerals or memorial services.

Sole to Soul Foot Care

Twice a month

This program provides appointments two days each month, watch the calendar for upcoming dates and times. Included in your appointment is a foot assessment, plan of care, soak, nail trimming, exfoliation, massage and optional paraffin wax treatment of the feet.

Tear Soup

Second Thursday at 5:30 p.m., September-May

This group is for those who are grieving a loss in their life. Soup and hot bread are served at 6 p.m. followed by conversation. Some sessions have a planned program.

Blood pressure & health screenings

Blood pressure - Second Sunday of the month

Blood pressure screenings are held in the parish nurse office on the second Sunday of each month between worships services or you may call to schedule a screening.

Heart Disease and Diabetes screenings are held twice per year.

Cancer Care Group

First Thursday, September-May

The Cancer Care group is for those who are facing cancer or for the loved ones of those facing cancer. We support each other through this process.

Lending Closet


The Lending Closet offers care equipment on a temporary basis. Donations of equipment are welcomed. The parish nurse can assist in finding resources if needed and to check out items. Volunteers are needed to help with inventory, sanitizing of equipment and maintain order of the closet.

Grief Ministry


Olivet offers monthly or seasonal grief care notes and a listing of Olivet and community resources. Visits are also provided upon request. Special services and programs are offered around holiday times.

Olivet Visitors


Olivet Visitors are special visitors that are given training and then given assignments of members to visit on a regular basis. We spend time with those that are in need of care and listening.